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Where educators & technology intersect to do good. 

The best learning management platform for just about every school.

Transform students into engaged learners and then turn those engaged learners into lifelong advocates for education by leveraging next-generation automation and AI with EVA. Yes, it really can be automated, and no, you're not dreaming.

Empower your teachers – traditional, hybrid, or remote

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Parents love having the ability to get updates through their preferred method, without an extra log in!

Aura BrooksSample parent remark

My department's productivity has noticeably gone up since implementing the platform. EVA has freed up so much of my time. I can focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

Eve CrawfordSample teacher remark

I like having more time with my teachers and work that actually helps me learn. School is less stressful!

Alex GrahamSample student remark

EVA's predictive analytics have been invaluable in helping us identify and support struggling students early.

Daan ReidSample admin remark

Create a community that loves your school

Over 15 hours back for teachers is key to successful school growth. Our platform gives your school community a better experience from start to finish, in order for them to focus on what matters: your students.

AI driven solutions for exceptional outcomes

  • AI-Powered education strategies
  • Live parent support widget
  • Automatic grading tools
  • Adaptive testing/reporting per class

Seriously improve your teacher retention rate

  • Intuitive user analytics
    • Teacher
    • Student/parent
    • Admin
  • Cognitive load reduction
  • Automation of data analytics/communication

Tailored pricing plans designed for you

Save 25%



  • Parent chat widget
  • Email trend reports
  • Teacher calendaring


$29/ month
  • Everything in basic
  • Lesson planning automation
  • Personalized school chat widget
  • Five classroom profiles
  • Collaboration tools for admin


$59/ month
  • Everything in premium
  • A/B testing for assessment items
  • Custom permissions
  • Optimized lesson planning automation
  • Peer feedback automation tools
  • Fifteen classroom profiles
  • Optimized calendaring reports



  • Live chat widget
  • Email marketing
  • Custom Forms
  • Traffic analytics


$250/ year
  • Everything in basic
  • Marketing automation
  • Advanced chatbot
  • Campaign management
  • Collaboration tools


$500/ year
  • Everything in premium
  • A/B testing sanbox
  • Custom permissions
  • Social media automation
  • Sales automation tools
Boost your students’ learning
Boost your students’ learning
Boost your students’ learning
Boost your students’ learning
Boost your students’ learning

Grow your school community

Grow your school community

Grow your school community

Grow your school community

Grow your school community

Frequently asked questions

What features does EVA have?

The education virtual assistant, EVA, is designed to better the learning experiences of every part of your school. Our platform gives everyone involved in your school a way to manage their day: from automated attendance, to lesson planning based on analysis, to calendaring, and dedicated notification hours.

Is it really free to start?

Yes! You can opt to stay within the free tier for as long as you want to. It’s a great way to get a feel for the platform before deciding to upgrade to take advantage of the more advanced features.

Can I import data?

Yes! Getting your existing data in is easy. Simply export your existing customers to a .csv file and import them within a couple of clicks.